A Pause That Refreshes The Libido?

You've got the uncola. You've got the choice of a new generation. But can you handle the sex cola? Al Burke, a former Pepsi-Cola bottler, now runs U.S. Beverage Corp. in Longview, Tex. Burke imports Australian beverages, among them Bondi Cola. Secret ingredient: ginseng. Many consider the extract of the spicy root a general pick-me-up--and an aphrodisiac.

So how do you sell a love potion in Aisle 3 of the local supermarket? "Without actually saying it," says Burke. Example: A promotional poster for Bondi shows a young, scantily clad woman ruefully eyeing a snoozing man. "Your romance asleep?" asks the copy. "Give him Bondi Cola with ginseng. He'll perk up in no time!" Bondi Cola is just now headed to stores, so its consumer reception is an unknown. But Chris Crowley of Bondi distributor Polar Corp. in Worcester, Mass., expects "it probably won't be growing hair in the warehouse."

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