Siemens Is Right Up In Hitachi's Class

Your article "Inside Hitachi" (Cover Story, Sept. 28) provided an interesting discussion of a respected competitor. I feel obliged to point out, however, that you have somewhat overstated the position of this company within the global electrical/electronics industry. First, Siemens is well known to address the full range of business sectors suggested as being unique to Hitachi. Although generating "only" $45 billion in 1991 sales, our $4.9 billion R&D investment surpasses the figure for Hitachi by over 20% and is every bit as focused on integrating "building blocks" into systems for the future.

Perhaps as important as the capabilities of any single corporation, however, may be the scope and effectiveness of its strategic alliances. As you point out, Hitachi is something of a "loner." The recent agreement for the development of advanced memory circuits between Siemens, IBM, and Toshiba is but one example of a powerful augmentative strategy for addressing the demands of the 21st century.

Albert Hoser

President, CEO

Siemens Corp.

New York