Prop 167: Don't Write Off California Yet

I read with some disappointment your article "California, here I go" (Top of the News, Sept. 28) that carried my picture. While it was very accurate describing the impact that Proposition 167 would have on attracting jobs to, or retaining jobs in, California, its tone is that California was "once" business' promised land...described improperly in past tense. California is not lost--at least not yet. People are willing to fight for her.

The job creators in California, for the first time in many years, finally understand that they must make themselves heard by the California legislature. The California Chamber of Commerce, the California Business Roundtable, Merchants & Manufacturers Assn., and over 400 other business organizations are supporting most of the recommendations to cure California's ills set forth in the Ueberroth Report (the Council on Competitiveness) presented to the governor and to the legislature at the end of April, 1992. Business leaders feel that California is a state worth saving and intend to fight for it rather than abandon it.

Wilford D. Godbold Jr.

President, CEO

Zero Corp.

Los Angeles

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