Why Heidelberg Is Jealous Of Cleveland

After reading the table entitled "A burger, a cold one, and thou" (In Business This Week, Aug. 31), I was curious as to what the same items would cost in Heidelberg, Germany.

My findings:

Two McDonald's Quarter Pounders

with cheese: DM 9.00

A six-pack of Budweiser (the brand

from Czechoslovakia; no stateside

Bud or Miller available): DM 6.47

New Monopoly board game: DM 32.78

Total: DM 48.25

At the exchange rate of $1 to about DM 1.40, that $17.57 evening of home fun in Cleveland comes to about $34.46 across the ocean in Germany. Enjoy, Cleveland!

Charles L. Kaufman

Heidelberg, Germany