Office Machines That Do Everything But Make Coffee

For years, office workers have yearned for a machine that can do it all-faxing, computing, printing, and photocopying. Barry Tepper, an analyst at BIS Strategic Decisions, says that U.S. market for all-in-one devices should total well over 3 billion dollars by 1995. Two companies hope to catch that wave early.

Digital Design Inc. in Jacksonville, Fla., says it would cost more that 7,000 (dollars) to buy and connect all the different devices that are rolled into its new Gateware 3370 machine, priced at 3,995 dollars. It's an IBM - compatible 486 PC, copier, scanner, laser printer, and fax machine all crammed into a box no bigger than a laser printer. And on Sept. 28, computer peripheral maker Okidata in Mount Laurel, N.J., will introduce a 3,999 (dollars) combination laser printer/fax machine/copier/scanner that buyers can add onto any AT-class IBM PC.

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