Getting Into College, Minus The Paper Chase

For many high school seniors, fall means the start of a laborious task: applying to college. Once the students figure out which schools they have a chance of getting into, they will have to get application forms, fill them out correctly, write convincing essays, and meet important deadlines. Enrollment Collaborative Inc. has a computer system it says will make the process far more efficient for the students.

The Concord (Mass.) startup is offering a service called CollegeLink. Students who sign up use a personal computer to record all the required application information--personal data, intended major, personal essays--onto a floppy disk using software that works on any IBM-compatible PC or Apple Macintosh. Applicants return the disks to CollegeLink, which for $33 sends the information on laser-printed application forms to as many as 12 colleges. A letter is sent to each student, too, verifying the data and reminding them to send any enrollment fees directly to the colleges they chose.

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