I'll Trade You John Doe For Joe Six Pack

Forget Andy Warhol's line about everyone being famous for 15 minutes. The truth is, in the future, everyone and everything will have their picture on a trading card. During Operation Desert Storm, A-10 Warthogs and Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf were immortalized on pasteboard. Then came a set of serial-killer cards. And now we can collect football cheerleaders.

Lime Rock International has just unveiled a set of cards featuring Los Angeles Raiderette Kimiko Tanaka, New Orleans Saintsation Lori Angela Carroll, and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Amy Merriman-Lemon, among others. On the front: fetching photos of the entertainers. The backs feature biographical tidbits. Merriman-Lemon wants to be a doctor. Carroll aims for a career in psychology. And when those new beer-vendor cards come out, we'll learn what that guy working the cheap seats really wants to do with his life.

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