Bill Clinton is demonstrating a knack for picking up support in unlikely places. It showed up big during the Republican convention: Eight erstwhile GOP activists from the Republican redoubt of Orange County, Calif., endorsed the Democrat even while Clintonites in Little Rock were revealing a list of supporters among the nation's CEOs that went beyond the relatively small number of Democratic corporate chieftains. Now, the Clinton campaign is making a big push for similar announcements from other Republicans, business executives, and entrepreneurs from all over the country. One fertile territory: recession-torn Silicon Valley. Prominent venture capitalist Alan J. Patricof is helping to recruit high-tech support.

One big fish the Clinton team hopes to land is Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive John Sculley. An Apple spokesperson says Sculley, who is vacationing, hasn't committed. But Sculley is acquainted with Clinton and has worked with wife Hillary on children's causes. And some Apple executives are helping Clinton staffers draft a high-tech policy. Clinton's drive will intensify in September, when the candidate plans a meeting with a group of major corporate executives, hoping for a flock of endorsements.

Edited by Stephen H. Wildstrom

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