Smart Sellers, Savvy Samaritans

I read with great interest "Smart Selling" (Cover Story, Aug. 3). I watched with great anticipation to see W. Edwards Deming's name. But never once was the designer of these ideas mentioned. Do only the Japanese give credit where credit is due? Dr. Deming was teaching these ideas in the 1950s, but only the Japanese were listening. Shame!

Steven F. Marzorati

Rockford, Ill.

As a dedicated customer of Home Depot Inc., I read your cover story with interest. While Home Depot is savvy about its approach to selling to the do-it-yourself market, there is another dimension. Home Depot recognizes that it is an integral part of the greater community and takes that role as "corporate citizen" very seriously. About a year ago, a woman in the community lost her uninsured home and her teenage son to fire. Home Depot responded, along with other concerned residents, by providing thousands of dollars of free materials and supplies to assist in the rebuilding effort. Similarly, earlier this year, Home Depot responded positively when my group, the Nassau Shores Civic Assn., sponsored a communitywide graffiti cleanup. Its store in Farmingdale, N.Y., generously donated close to $700 worth of paint and supplies to the project, no questions asked.

As a civic leader, I am very encouraged to see this type of responsible corporate involvement. As a businessman, I recognize that this kind of corporate culture, coupled with a serious commitment to the customer, will serve business, consumers, and the community well.

Raymond C. Russolillo

Massapequa, N.Y.

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