And No Stickball Out Here, Either!

It's getting to be a regular thing outside Boston's Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox. You try to make a buck, you get nailed by the police. In 1989, city officials tried to kick sausage vendors off the streets in front of Fenway, citing complaints from nearby businesses. Now, the city's target is Michael Rutstein, who hawks an alternative game program outside Fenway for $1, half the price of official programs. "Their scorecard is too small, and it's too hard to write on," Rutstein says of the competition. He sold only 20,000 of his programs in 1989, his first year, but by this year's All-Star break he'd sold 70,000. No wonder the city, following a complaint by the BoSox, charged him with the crime of operating without a license.

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