Plain Talk On Immigration

In the article "Immigrants have worlds to offer" (Editorials, July 13), your conclusion--that the "up" of immigration exceeds the "down"--most certainly disregards the issue of illegal immigrants. No one is certain how many there are (probably in the millions), and the majority of them work for substandard wages under the table but pay no taxes.

Nor does it take into consideration that there are millions of Americans who are functionally illiterate and that dumping even more uneducated people has to be classified as pure insanity. Finally, only an overpaid writer would suggest that the "pain of immigration" is worthwhile. Get real, will you? Or at least label your editorial as "propaganda of the employed."

M.G. Rhoads

Syracuse, N.Y.

Your editorial advocates more federal assistance for bilingual programs. Wrong! A la Andy Grove, I did not get bilingual education but was helped to learn English.

Bilingual education does a disservice to immigrants, especially to the poor. Incidentally, 36 years later I still speak Hungarian, eat the food, and enjoy Liszt.

John G. Adler

Chairman & CEO

Adaptec Inc.

Milpitas, Calif.

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