A Mobile Mailbox For Frequent Fliers

Business travelers have come to expect the convenience of pay fax machines in airports and other public places. Now, a company in Lenexa, Kan., is taking this a giant step further. TouchFax Information Systems Inc. has combined a fax aachine, touch-screen computer, credit-card reader, and telephone all into one public kiosk. In addition to sending and receiving documents, these machines can tap into information services for news, weather, airline bookings, and city guides--all by just touching the screen.

Plus, for $15 a month, travelers can become TouchFax subscribers with their own fax mailboxes. By dialing in from anywhere in the U.S. and punching in a password, a subscriber can have documents that were faxed to the mailbox printed out on any nearby fax machine. TouchFax is selling the $10,000 kiosk units for use in hotels, post offices, and truck stops. It is working with such marketing partners as American Telephone & Telegraph Co.

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