Microwave Communications: There's Room For Everybody

One must listen to cries of pain from entrenched microwave users objecting to the Federal Communications Commission's attempts to clear spectrum for the emerging personal-communications networks with a large economy-size grain of salt ("The FCC's high-voltage agenda could make lots of sparks," Washington Outlook, June 15). The 2-gigahertz band in question is lightly used, particularly in the urban areas that have huge blocks of empty spectrum. All the parties understand that an orderly and nondisruptive migration out of this band over a period of years is technically and economically feasible and that numerous technologies exist for sharing in the interim.

It is unfortunate that it takes an FCC chairman of unusual courage such as Alfred C. Sikes to accomplish what should be a simple, logical step in allocating a limited national resource to maximize the benefits to consumers of emerging technologies.

Richard G. Tomlinson, President

PCN Communications Inc.

Glastonbury, Conn.