The Democrats Vote `Yea' For A High Tech Convention

Although their candi date may face an uncertain future, delegates at the Democratic National Convention should have a sure-fire winner in the technology at their command. IBM, AT&T, Lotus, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and others have supplied cutting-edge computer and telecommunications gear for the four-day event at New York's Madison Square Garden. To accommodate the expected 40,000 conventioneers, the hall will be outfitted with cellular-telephone antennas and local-area personal-computer networks.

The centerpiece of the high-tech effort is a network of 56 NCR Corp. touch-screen computers scattered throughout the convention floor. Delegates representing the 50 states plus U.S. territories will use these computers to register their votes on more than a dozen platform issues ranging from abortion to taxes and foreign policy. Roger Schneider, head of the convention's automation drive, says, "The Republicans are way behind us when it comes to technology."

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