O.K., You Try Running The Free World

How well do you think you could do as President of the United States? Here's your chance to find out.

Shadow President: The Simulation of Presidential Power is a software program for IBM-compatible personal computers. It places you in the Oval Office and resets the world stage to 1990. The Berlin Wall is falling, no one has heard of Operation Desert Storm, and a Soviet Union still exists but for how long? What will you do in a crisis? Send monetary aid or maybe just drop the bomb? A Cabinet of advisers and the CIA World Factbook are on-line and available to assist your foreign policy development. But make too many unpopular decisions, and you'll have to answer to the electorate or maybe even face an assassin's bullet. D.C. True Ltd., a maker of simulation software, based in Evanston, Ill., says the software will retail for $70 and should be available by the end of July.

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