Now, Pc And Video Graphics Can Switch Without A Hitch

For several years, computers have been used to edit videotapes, add titles to video programs, or even transfer snapshot images from videotape to computer screen. But transferring moving images the other way around, from computer to video tape, often ends up with jittery results. That's because a television screen constantly regenerates the entire picture, scanning line by line, while a computer screen regenerates only the parts of the image that actually change. Now, Radius Inc. in San Jose, Calif., says it has solved the problem with VideoVision, a $2,399 plug-in box that will allow Apple computers and videotapes to transfer moving images back and forth.

The secret is built-in software that averages the intensity of each line of the videotape image with the ones immediately above and below it at any instant. That prevents lines from disappearing from the computer screen during the scanning process. Edward Colligan, a Radius general manager, believes the product will be popular for salespeople or others who want to use their computers to create a dynamic video presentation rather than the usual staid slide show.

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