Your Pc Can Finally Tell You Where To Go

For several years, auto makers have been experimenting with on-board computers and electronic maps to help motorists figure out how to get where they are going. Now, a small Hempstead (N.Y.) startup says it has a software program that will give even pedestrians smart directions.

Personal Travel Technologies Inc. has developed a line of travel guides for use on desktop PCs or laptops that contain a wealth of information about individual cities. Personal Travel Guides (PTG) users merely type in their point of origin and destination, and the program will spit out detailed travel directions by car, foot, or even subway, and plot the best route on a detailed, on-screen map. Company founder Allan Danns, a former engineer with AT&T Bell Laboratories, says that the first PTG programs should be ready by October. What's more, he envisions that future PTGs will come on memory cards for use with the smallest palmtop computers, such as the Hewlett Packard 95LX.

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