Walter Mitty Meets Michael Eisner

The protagonist of Robert Altman's new film, The Player, is a Hollywood studio exec whose job is to decide which scripts can be turned into hit movies. He seems to have no qualifications--barring an utter lack of scruples--for picking winners.

Maybe that's why Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette's Summer Movie Sweepstakes is so popular: Most people think they can gauge popular taste. The contest, run by DLJ leisure analyst Mark Manson, lets the brokerage firm's customers play movie mogul, predicting which seven summer films will do best at the box office. Top prize is a glamorous night on the town, complete with film screening.

Manson's own forecast for top-grossing summer movie: Lethal Weapon 3. He is hoping that everyone chooses Batman Returns, though. "The consensus is always wrong," he says. Spoken like a true stock-picker.

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