Strange Turns In The Search For Excellence

Your story "A big company that works" (Cover Story, May 4) is a landmark. Twenty-five years ago, John Kenneth Galbraith wrote: "A benign providence... has made the industry of a few large firms an almost perfect instrument for inducing technical change." Now, BUSINESS WEEK finds it cover-worthy when any big company measures up--hey, you even felt the need to add an exclamation mark to make sure we'd get the point!

Tom Peters

Palo Alto, Calif.

Wonderful company, Johnson & Johnson. While you are lauding their management, would you do a reader one big favor? Try opening a Band-Aid. Try pulling the red thread until it's dead. If these guys are so smart, how come we've never been able to open a Band-Aid without using a scalpel?

Sanford F. Wolin


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