Cutting Muscle At Cap Cities/Abc?

Regarding your story "Why the losing network is still a winner" (Media, Apr. 20): The fact is that Capital Cities/ABC Inc. has been blithely stepping over $5 bills to pick up easy pennies, and during the last couple of years that has played financial havoc with affiliates. As far as Stephen A. Weiswasser goes.... I have no idea what qualifications he offers ABC News, since lawyers are trained in lawyering. Time will demonstrate that Weiswasser's role is to continue in the Cap Cities style of cost control. Parenthetically, that is a terrific concept, except when you start cutting muscle. But then again, how will Weiswasser know that difference in news broadcasting? He won't find many answers in the Law Review.

Alan Henry, President & CEO

AnchorMedia Group

St. Petersburg, Fla.

Editor's note: AnchorMedia owns three ABC affiliates.

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