Black South African Want Business' Help

Your readers may be interested in the results of research that Investor Responsibility Research Center Inc. (IRRC) undertook last year in which we interviewd more than 100 South African business executives, community activists, and development experts ("Doing the right thing in South Africa?, Social Issues, Apr. 27). The consensus was, as one black executive told us: "Even with democracy in sight, companies should still be expected to adhere to a social responsibility program."

More specifically, these South Africans said that corporations should concentrate on their responsibility to training and affirmative action inside the workplace. Black South Africans would like to see multinational companies that enter South Africa actively look for black directors, partners, and distributors. Outside the workplace, many inviewees believe that initiatives in education -- given that the majority of adult Africans have not completed a fifth-grade education -- should take priority in corporated respnsibility programs.

Meg Voorhes, Director

South African Review Service

Investor Responsiblity Research Center Inc.