Oracle Tests Its Vision With The Toronto Stock Market

Oracle Corp. became the No. 3 independent software company by aggressively selling data-base-management programs that ran on some 80 different brands of computer systems, ranging from PCs to mainframes. But lately Oracle has been vulnerable because rivals such as Sybase Inc. had better software for keeping track of information changes across huge networks. Now, the Redwood Shores (Calif.) company claims to have fixed that shortcoming.

Oracle Version 7, the first major revision of Oracle's core product in about four years, is now being tested at the Toronto Stock Exchange. With 5 mainframes, 20 minicomputers, and 800 PCs, the exchange has long wanted to ensure that when information is changed on one computer in the network, the others will know about it instantly. For instance, if there is a buy order for 1,000 shares placed on ene system, the exchange doesn't want to execute the trade unless there are sell orders of equal value on one of the others. Oracle says that its new software, due out later this year, will view all the information across the network as if it were in a single data base.

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