Mickey Isn't Exactly The Toast Of Paree

It's the question du jour in Paris: How is Euro Disneyland doing a month after opening? Pas mal, concluded a French TV team, after interviewing train and bus crews and scanning cars entering the park 20 miles east of Paris. Au contraire, argued a Paris newspaper, based on similar seat-of-the-pants survey methods.

Stock traders heeded Liberation rather than Disney, which won't give numbers but claims attendance is strong. Euro Disney shares fell 4.4% on May 12. The newspaper indicated the next day that its crowd estimate was far too low, but the stock inched back only slightly. Outsiders agree on one thing: Most visitors are non-French, instead of the 50-50 split Disney expected. That may be why Disney is peppering Paris with TV and newspaper ads, despite massive free publicity surrounding the park's opening.

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