A Buck For Campaign Financing Is A Buck Down The Drain

In "Want campaign-finance reform? Just check the box" (Top of the News, Apr. 27): Checking the box on one's income-tax return to designate $1 for Presidential campaign financing might not cost an additional dollar in taxes today... but each dollar given to campaigns means a dollar not spent on homelessness, job training, health care, etc. There has been no demonstrable decline in the clout of special-interest groups from past public-financing efforts, and taxpayers see no reason to waste money on campaigns they find offensive. Now we are supposed to extend public campaign financing to Congress? Forget it!

Richard Schuler

St. Peters, Mo.

You refer to "legislative reform" as though it's your goal, but you want us to give those Washington fat cats more of our money in order to have the system clean itself up. Good idea. I'm sure you fit right in with those good ol' D.C. boys.

Russell Palmer

Hermosa Beach, Calif.

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