Two Value Judgments On Value Line

To correct the statement regarding Jean B. Buttner working for me in an interior-design firm ("Value Line: Too lean, too mean?" Finance, Mar. 16): I am president of a successful telecommunications-manufacturing company and have never owned or operated an interior-design firm; Jean Buttner never worked for me.

Your article is patently slanted with prejudicial input from disgruntled former organization members. A more balanced view of the venerable Value Line and the success of its staff and management over a period of six decades would give your readers a clearer picture of Value Line.

E.M. Buttner

President and CEO


Concord, Calif.

Editor's note: E.M. Buttner is Jean Buttner's ex-husband. During their marriage, Jean Buttner had her own interior decorating firm.

Bravo on your profile of Value Line, where I worked briefly as a research analyst before resigning my position in November, 1991.

No one loves a recession as Buttner does. These hard economic times give her the opportunity to discharge employees for the sole reason that she canreplace them with lower-skilled and lower-paid workers from her infamous "stack of resumes" that collect on her desk.

John S. Orrico

New York

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