Now Your P Cs Can Keep Each Other Up To Date

If you work on more than one computer, keeping tabs on computer files can be hectic. Perhaps you've got multiple copies of an important client list on your office computer, home PC, and the laptop you use while on the road. But is the version on the laptop more recent than the copy at home? FileRunner, a new program from MBS Technologies Inc. in Arcadia, Calif., can put those files in sync.

The software comes on two floppy disks that you carry around as you switch from machine to machine. When run, the program automatically compares the time-stamps on its copies of the files you have selected with those on each machine's hard disk. Then, if its version is the older one, it updates its floppy with the latest version. If its version is newer, it updates the copy on the hard disk. Data-compression techniques help FileRunner cram more than the usual amount of information onto its floppies. The $99.95 program also looks for computer viruses and compensates for changes in time zones.

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