Give Me Two Hard Drives To Go

Portable computers often have a drawback: The machines can be rapidly overloaded by complex software and large data files. So SyDOS, based in Boca Raton, Fla., has come up with a system that will give portable computers boundless amounts of storage. The company's new SQ2542A hard drive is no larger than a pack of cigarettes. Like standard drives, it writes and reads information on a hard platter coated with magnetic material. But the platters--which hold over 40 million characters of information--can be removed, just like floppy disks. SyDOS President Timothy E. Mahoney says the system will give portable computers the storage of a regular hard drive with the convenience of a floppy-disk drive.

The first computer maker to use these removable 40 megabyte hard disks, Bondwell Industries Co. in Fremont, Calif., plans to release a $3,700 machine equipped with the drive by June. SyDOS says a $900 external version will be available for older portables by August, and its parent company, SyQuest Technology in Fremont, may sell a similar drive for the Macintosh crowd.

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