End The Speculation About Lloyd Rubin

I have recently received articles related to my deceased husband, Lloyd S. Rubin, who died in Thailand on July 26, 1991 ("Lloyd Rubin: Wanted, especially alive," Finance, Jan. 27).

His death was duly certified by a medical doctor and by the chief of police of that area. However, my husband continues to be an easy target of fictional speculation.

For example, Tomas Cabal, a writer who is an ex-employee of my husband, speculates that my husband is alive and doing business in Costa Rica. I wish that the speculation were true.

BUSINESS WEEK reports that I "failed to persuade the U.S. consulate in Panama to stamp Rubin's will." I have never seen any will of my husband's, nor do I know if one exists, and therefore I never made any such request. My husband's business in Panama created a new type of financing, and he hired and paid well more than 30 Panamanians.

Indirectly, this new service industry gave business to printers, hotels, contractors, accountants, translators, and attorneys, and provided new knowledge to our National Securities Commission.

BUSINESS WEEK says that I traveled with my husband to Thailand in June, 1991. In fact he traveled alone in March, 1991, and was under treatment in the rehabilitation center when I arrived in July. As for the investigation of his death, Reuters news agency reported from Thailand on Jan. 30 that "Thai police have investigated and cannot disprove the evidence of Mr. Rubin's death."

Perhaps now is the time to put an end to speculation about my husband.

Rachell Constante de Rubin

Panama City

Editor's note: The U.S. State Dept. still has not certified Lloyd Rubin's death. Because he was a U.S. citizen, such certification likely would be required before his heirs could collect any inheritance. According to a notation on Rubin's application to the Thramkrabog Rehabilitation Center (the site of his alleged death), he entered Thailand some time between May 29 and June 12 and entered the rehab center around June 20. On his application, he listed a Bangkok address for his wife. BUSINESS WEEK stands by its story.

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