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Bill Clinton, The Terror And Toast Of Wall Street

When he finishes bashing George Bush and lambasting Democratic rivals, Presidential candidate Bill Clinton often goes after another favorite target: Wall Street. "It's time to end the greed that consumed Wall Street and ruined our S&Ls in the last decade," he says.

Despite the rhetoric, Clinton has been surprisingly successful at courting Wall Street's big shots. One out of every four dollars he has raised comes from New York, a lot of it from Wall Streeters. That's $2 million of his total $8.5 million take. And after his Connecticut primary defeat by former California Governor Jerry Brown, Clinton is counting on Street money to enable him to win big in New York's Apr. 7 primary. Even before the New Hampshire primary, the Arkansas governor netted $623,000 from a Feb. 10 fund-raiser at the Sheraton New York Hotel, a record amount for a Democratic candidate at that early date. "Being able to raise money in New York has been instrumental in taking us from New Hampshire to this point," says Paul Carey, a Clinton finance director.