Sweet Six Figures And Never Been Kissed

What's the point of cornering the market if there's no one in the corner to cuddle with? That's what American Singles figures, anyway. So, on Apr. 5, the nonprofit San Rafael (Calif.) organization will hold a dating conference for single professionals. The agenda includes advice on prenuptial agreements and guarding against gold diggers, plus the stories of corporate heavy hitters who also excel in love. The meeting is the brainchild of onetime Catholic grammar-school teacher Rich Gosse, who claims to be America's leading singles expert. Gosse, who's charging $25 for the seminar, says fixing up professionals is a big challenge, since they don't put as much effort into affairs of the heart as they do careers. That's why his keynote address will rebuke workaholics for spending too much time at the office, forgoing relationships for work, and finding it "unprofessional to date someone you meet through work."

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