Psst This Pc Hotline Takes Tips On Government Waste

Do you know of a government contractor who's charging $10,000 for a coffee pot? Now, with a personal computer, you can help stop such abuse--and keep your anonymity. Designed to help the government stamp out waste and fraud, the Whistleblower Bulletin Board is run by Representative Bob Wise (D-W. Va.), chairman of the House subcommittee on information, justice, and agriculture.

Here's how it works: You dial up the on-line service with your PC and register under an assumed name. The service then gives examples of how to report government waste, such as "John Smith authorized the purchase of 200 unneeded PCs under contract 123-456 on 9/30/91, to avoid returning excess funds to the Treasury." Post your tip and in a few days the staff will send you a confidential electronic confirmation along with follow-up questions. Since the system went on-line in December, a spokesman says, citizens have passed on 60 tips that have led to investigations by appropriate committees.

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