Worth 1,000 Words On A Computer, Too

Lots of jobs done on computers would be enhanced if photo-quality images were available along with other data. A personnel system, for instance, might be more useful if it had employees' pictures as well as Social Security numbers and addresses. Such systems are possible, but usually only if imaging is built in from the start. Now, Image Data Corp. says it has a package of hardware and software that will layer image-handling on top of existing applications on any network.

Using a 386- or 486-based IBM PC clone, Insight can store and retrieve full-color images and distribute them to any PC on an office network. It's designed to tie into programs running on other computers, answering queries for specific images as well as receiving images from machines. Image transmission takes from 10 to 45 seconds, depending on the image's resolution and the speed of the network. An Insight setup that can serve up to 100 PCs is priced at $46,000. The machines requesting images must run a separate $625 program.