Relax It's Just Neptune

Is it something in the water? Something to do with the stars? Maybe it's that ozone hole. Why, in the space of one week, did five top honchos at four huge corporations turn in their washroom keys? Who can explain it?

Try Joan Quigley, the San Francisco astrologer and adviser to Nancy Reagan. She blames Neptune and Uranus. They're now in a "lethal" alignment that impacts business and, lucky stars, comes around only once every 171 years. "These two planets together can give a great wallop," Quigley says. "We're in for a difficult time." Hold onto your crystals: It won't end till 1996.

What does the ancient book of I Ching say? After the ritual of throwing three coins, six times, it points to hexagram No. 63, called "After the End." Its prophecy: "Careers that are at their apex may undergo a transition." Hmmm. And what thinks Marilyn Vos Savant--who, with an I. Q. of 228, is said to be the world's smartest woman? "It could just be the difficult economic times," she opines, "are making people jittery."