Lanier Is Not A Problem Child

I want to clarify some of the information in your article "Harris is looking sharp in civvies" (Top of the News, Jan. 20). Lanier Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harris Corp., was said to be ". . . giving Harris fits." This was misleading and in no way reflects Lanier's strong performance during these tough economic times. Despite the U. S. and international recession, Lanier earned more than $33 million in fiscal 1991, on a 3.7% return on sales. In the last two years, Lanier has earned more than $75 million in profit. Most recently, Lanier's Copying Systems Div. achieved record revenues and profit in the second quarter. This was based on 11% U. S. growth, triple the industry average.

Wesley E. Cantrell


Lanier Worldwide Inc.


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