`Hey, Let's Go See Coca Cola Iii'

There's no escape. On your way to the movie theater, billboards assail your eyes, insipid jingles pour out of the radio. As you wait to buy your tickets, someone hands you a flyer from a new nail salon. Placards promoting coming attractions loom over you in the lobby.

You buy your soft drink and popcorn and take your seat in the cool half-light of the theater, thinking you're finally free of the incessant chatter of advertising. But you're wrong. Your popcorn carton comes complete with three or four ads, thanks to those geniuses at Cinemedia. So fiendish are the folks who dreamed this up that they actually brag to potential advertisers that you, the innocent moviegoer, can't throw away the ad until you've finished your popcorn. Moreover, the lights won't go down for another 13 minutes or so. Face it, you poor slob, you're stuck.

At last, the theater darkens. And they show a commercial.