A Way To Whip Cholesterol Out Of Eggs

Go on a low cholesterol diet, and one of the first foods you'll have to cut out is eggs. That may change. Minneapolis-based Michael Foods Inc. and Germany's SKW Nature's Products Inc. soon will begin marketing Simply Eggs--liquid eggs with 80% of the cholesterol removed. Unlike conventional egg substitutes, which contain only egg whites and additives, the liquid eggs are nutritionally identical to real eggs, except for the reduced cholesterol, says Richard G. Olson, Michael Foods' president and CEO.

The cholesterol is removed from the eggs using a patented technology developed by SKW. First, a modified starch called beta cyclodextrin (BCD) is mixed with egg yolks. BCD combines with the cholesterol in the yolk, and the mixture is removed by a centrifuge. Then the egg whites are added back to the yolk residue. The pasteurized product looks like whipped eggs.

Limited production has begun at a pilot plant in Gaylord, Minn. The product--packaged in refrigerated milk cartons--should hit grocery stores later this year. It will also be sold to restaurants and commercial food processors.

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