Talk About Born To Market

As Air Miles' marketing chief, 30 year old Michael A. Miles, Jr. is in charge of recruiting shoppers to the frequent-buyer program. Educated at Yale University and Harvard business school, Miles spent six years at consultant Bain & Co--where he worked for such clients as Saatchi & Saatchi-before signing on with Air Miles. His father, who has always worked for large companies, didn't think much of the move." He viewed my job at a startup with some trepidation", says Miles Jr.

So what does dad know? Well, he's Michael A. Miles, chairman and CEO of Philip Morris Cos. and before that a top executive at Leo Burnett, Heublein and Kraft General Foods. Miles Jr. clearly learned a thing or two about savvy marketing at his father's knee. He has already signed an innovative deal for Air Miles' 30 million ad launch, agreeing to put all of his network ads on NBC. In exchange, the network is giving him unusual flexibility to change the timing and content of Air Miles ads based on responses to previous spots.