`The Pastafazool O Mat Ate My Money'

People who work late inevitably fall prey to the munchies and just as surely suffer terrible pangs of guilt. In the struggle against the vending machine, the machine wins every time, forcing you to choose between chocolate-coated sugar globs or crispy bite-size doses of salt. You know it's no way to eat, but what else can you do?

Well, pretty soon you may be able to feed some coins into a slot and walk away a minute later with a plate of perfectly al dente pasta. An Italian company called Vipre is looking for a U.S. partner to manufacture its automatic spaghetti cooker. The machine boils fresh water, measures out 7.5 ounces of spaghetti, heats sauce, and plops it all onto a plate. It requires only one attendant to load the machine daily. Sounds great, but what if you're in the mood for linguini, or some wide, flat, tagliatelle noodles? Sorry. You can have any pasta you like, as long as it's spaghetti.

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