Let's Keep Day Care In The Community

Why put the responsibility for day care on employers ("Corporate America is still no place for kids," Social Issues, Nov. 25)? The logical solution would be to put day care into the hands of the school districts.

The government should set up a Day Care Dept.--or Children's Welfare Dept.--run by local communities. Involve senior citizens, high school students, local college students, nonworking parents--many resources could be tapped. Each community or school district would set up its own day-care committee, following national standards, and revenue would come from local taxes. Thus, buyers would choose houses not only for the quality of their school districts but also for the quality of day care--a one-step process thereby eliminating the constant worry and search for quality, reliable care.

As a working parent, I would prefer to have my children growing up with their friends in their own neighborhoods and interacting with other children in the same school district so that lasting friendships could be nurtured and the transition to kindergarten smoothed. Developing a strengthened, bonded society at its roots can only bring positive results for the country as a whole.

Gillian A. Haddad

Eastchester, N.Y.

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