Finally, A Desktop Sound System That's Music To The Ears

Most loudspeakers built into desktop computers are definitely low fidelity, which was fine when the only sound you expected from a PC was the occasional beep. But now that PCs can generate compact-disk-quality audio signals, there's a need for something better. Altec Lansing Consumer Products, the audio-component maker, says its new Multimedia loudspeakers are just that.

Their two foldable clamshell units can be mounted on the sides of the video monitor or hung on a nearby wall. And they're shielded, so their magnets won't distort the picture on the screen--or worse, erase data from mislaid floppy disks. Built-in circuitry adjusts the frequency range of the speakers for different audio-data files. Other circuitry synthesizes so-called near-field surround sound and stereo effects. Living-room quality isn't cheap: A pair of Multimedias costs $300.

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