A Day Care Center That Gives Paws

Who says the recession has killed discretionary spending? Not Amy Robinson. Last October, she opened a Chicago day-care center. Not for kids, mind you. For dogs. That's right, bow-wow, arf-arf, woof-woof. And although everyone says they're pinching pennies, the venture seems to be a hit: A Dog's Life, as the venture is called, has enrolled 15 pooches at $12 per day. Robinson boasts that she already has a long waiting list.

Robinson, a former real estate agent, launched her company after hearing about a poor pup that was venting workaday loneliness by tinkling indoors. That's no problem at A Dog's Life, where charges spend their days chasing around a roomy playground with plenty of trees for you-know-what. Robinson admits her dog days can be tough but says she doesn't miss the business world: After all, it's more fun to have a pup nip at your heels than a colleague elbow you in the ribs.

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