Gray Days At Cray

Has Seymour Cray hit the end of the road? The future for his Cray Computer and his superadvanced Cray-3 supercomputer looks bleaker than ever. At $30 million a copy, the Cray-3 is designed to handle 16 billion calculations a second. Trouble is, Cray Computer's only customer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, on Dec. 23 canceled its order, blaming delays. The company insists it still can get its first full-blown, 16-processor machine out the door by October. This year, bidding will open for supercomputer sales to several government operations, including the NASA/Ames Research Center and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Cray Computer will need working hardware just to compete in what could be Seymour Cray's last stand.

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