Honda's Accord: No Question It's American

It was surprising to realize how strongly nationalism is growing in the U. S. If the same arguments BUSINESS WEEK uses to blame Honda's Accord as not American is used in Latin America against U. S. companies, things would be very tough for them ("Honda: Is it an American car?," Cover Story, Nov. 18). Honda plants in the U. S. are American because they are under U. S. laws, employ Americans as laborers, and pay taxes to Uncle Sam. They mean foreign investment at a moment when every country wants it. They mean better quality and cheaper prices to customers, too.

Do not forget, America: "Under capitalism, the customer is king," as Adam Smith said. Is America going to close its economy while everybody in the world (even the previous socialist countries) wants to open theirs?

Saulo A. Ignacio

Ribeirao, Preto, Brazil

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