A Program That Tests If Selling Is In Your Blood

Customers aren't the only ones who hate bad salespeople. Representatives who can't land sales are the scourge of their organizations. They not only lose potential customers and revenue but they cost companies the time and money to train them. Now, Las Vegas-based Lousig-Nont & Associates, a firm which offers computerized testing services, figures it has just the thing to help businesses.

Phase II Sales Success Profile is a computer program to weed out job applicants with poor sales potential. Applicants take a 50-question multiple-choice exam that probes various skills and traits such as time management, politeness, and even sales ethics. The software then compares the applicant's answers with a data base of answers from over 11,000 salespeople that company founder Gregory M. Lousig-Nont compiled in five years of interviews. The program then creates a chart pointing out an applicant's strengths and weaknesses and ranks the person's aptitude for selling.

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