Maybe Johnny Can't Read, But Now He Can Save

Have trouble getting your kids to save a portion of their allowance? Some educators and parents figure a school-based program could help. So they have launched Save For America, a national campaign aimed at teaching young children to establish savings accounts -- and learn about computers. Every week, participating elementary school students make a small deposit at school, logging the transaction on a personal computer. The disk is then handed over to one of the 800 banks that use NCR Corp. computers to process transactions. Local PTAs coordinate the program, and NCR donates computer time and personnel to process the deposits.

So far, some 600 schools in 13 states have signed up for the program, which was developed by the Washington-based Model Classroom, a nonprofit organization. Save For America also has the backing of the Education Dept. and the White House. The program's chairperson, Sherry Avena, says its aim is to put a savings program into every U. S. elementary school.

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