A Pager With Something Extra: A Computer

Executives who travel with Hewlett-Packard Co.'s palmtop computer will soon have one less excuse for being out of touch with the home office. In January, Motorola Inc. will ship NewsStream, a wireless paging device that plugs into HP's 95LX, an 11-ounce computer that comes loaded with Lotus Development Corp.'s 1-2-3 spreadsheet.

With NewsStream, the computer will instantly receive and store up to 56 phone messages, news tidbits, and other crucial updates from the office. The information will be transmitted over two national paging services, SkyTel and EMBARC. A small flashing green light on the pager alerts its owner that something has arrived. Adding the messaging capability isn't cheap: The pager will cost from $300 to $350. Add in $699 for the 95LX, $119 for software, and a cradle that holds the palmtop and pager together, and the total is nearly $1,200. HP already is at work on new generations of the 95LX that will have greater memory, maybe even one that recognizes handwriting.

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