Supporting The Bells But Not Beholden To Them

Your coverage of the regional Bell lobbying effort implies that any organization supporting relief (from court restrictions on the Bells) is automatically beholden to the Bell companies ("Everyone has taken lumps in this lobbying war," Government, Oct. 21).

You neglected to mention the independent growth of a coalition of small and medium-size manufacturers who, like myself, find that the restriction stunts the growth of entrepreneurial companies at a time when venture capital and other sources of critical funding have all but dried up. This coalition -- with 140 companies in 40 states employing some 31,000 workers -- all believe that removal of the restriction will stimulate the growth of U. S. companies and increase jobs for American workers.

We also share one other thing -- no one has taken a dime from any of the Bell companies in exchange for their support, and there is no quid pro quo (spoken or otherwise) for those who belong to this independent coalition.

George Sollman

President & CEO

Centigram Communications Corp.

San Jose, Calif.

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