This Data Base Tells You Where That Smell Comes From

In these days of proliferating environmental regulations and escalating penalties for violating them, a company's or facility's environmental record can affect its market value and its bottom line. But keeping track of where you stand in this complex web is a major undertaking.

Now, there's help. EnviroQuest Inc. is marketing a data base that contains an environmental profile for some 1.5 million industrial and government facilities in the U. S., including landfills, underground storage tanks, and Superfund sites. Each entry lists all permits that cover the facility -- local, state, and federal. Among other things, it identifies the sites of soil and water contamination, chemical spills, health and safety violations, and how much and what type of hazardous waste each facility emits.

The data base could be useful to companies selling environmental products and services or to those seeking the status of their own operations, says EnviroQuest President Robert C. Keefer. He also says it might be helpful as background for a merger or acquisition. The cost of an inquiry entry is $5, with volume discounts available.

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