A Show Of Support For Collagen's Ceo

Trying to attribute Collagen Corp.'s problems to its CEO and president ("Is Collagen starting to sag?," Science & Technology, Oct. 7) is an exercise in absurdity. Howard Palefsky has been an exceptional leader for this company, transforming it in 13 years from a small R&D effort to a thriving enterprise (that has just reported record revenues of $61 million) with exciting prospects. Under his guidance, the company has developed several significant new products currently under Food & Drug Administration review, created a healthy international operation, and made some wise strategic investments for the company. His ability to deal with the FDA is not under question by the board of directors. Equally, nothing said by the FDA to me in recent weeks suggests antagonism toward Mr. Palefsky. Moreover, increased communication between Mr. Palefsky and the FDA is reflective of what many senior executives in the drug and device industries are experiencing as a part of their efforts to reassess how to deal with an agency trying to reinvigorate itself with grossly inadequate resources. Howard Palefsky has the full and unanimous support of the board of directors, and there is no question of his resignation.

Reid W. Dennis


Collagen Corp.

Palo Alto, Calif.