A Multimedia Pc Complete With Remote Control...

Will the new multimedia PCs that add sound and video to personal computers be more like televisions or computers? CompuAdd Corp. has come down squarely on both sides of the argument. The Austin (Tex.) company is one of 10 computer makers to unveil machines using Microsoft Corp.'s MPC multimedia format. Unlike the others, the CompuAdd PC can be operated with an infrared remote control, just like a TV.

But the remote feature is for business, not just for entertainment. To pitch your ad agency to a client, suggests CompuAdd, you can run a computerized slide show, complete with audio, without having to crowd around the computer and fiddle with a mouse or keyboard. What's more, the $299 add-in board for the remote feature also allows the PC to receive AM/FM radio. And if you still want TV in your PC, CompuAdd has a $525 board that turns a PC into a TV receiver.

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